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In March of 2010, leading online gaming software provider microgaming launched new poker games that were completely different from their previous offerings. In these games, the company imparted free to play options in their Triple Action Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold game.

Getting Started

In order to get started with free Microgaming poker, players must first understand that online poker tips the Triple Action game is played a bit differently than they are used to. In fact, the deck only consists of 28 cards ranked eight and above; the cards ranked seven and lower are removed from the deck. Though this may make for a fun game with an exciting twist, the odds for winning and losing are much different than normal.

How to Play

Players are required to place an ante bet before any cards are dealt, but they can also choose bonus or flop bets, as well. Next, players are dealt two cards face up, just like in every holds the game, that is compared with three community cards in the middle of the table. To make things more interesting, the dealer cards are dealt with one face down and the other face up, leaving players to make the decision to fold or play.

Triple Action

This game is often referred to as Triple Action because there are three qualifiers that players must meet. The first is that players must have a pair of nines or higher in order to continue playing; less than a pair of nines disqualify the player. Players who have higher-ranked hands will get a payout from both bet types, but lower ranked cards will lose both bets. Though there is plenty of opportunities to win on online poker more money here, there is also more opportunity to lose.

Players who enjoy Texas Hold'em will certainly find themselves at home with Triple Action Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold from Microgaming as it is a contemporary twist on a community favorite.