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Understanding Caribbean Poker

Caribbean poker is a variation of the classic card game that provides players with new and exciting twists. Since the variety of games itself has a house edge of more than 5%, it is very important for players to develop and employ strategies that will help them win.


The first step in utilizing a successful strategy when playing Caribbean poker is understanding the probabilities of winning and bonus. For instance, the probability of winning the game with the highest hand of all--the Royal Flush--is 0.000001% with a payout of 100 to one. Hence, players can deduce that attempting to create a Royal Flush should probably be avoided unless all of the prerequisites are there. After all, even if the Royal Flush is missed, the player may still be able to win with a standard Flush. Straights and Full Houses

The odds of a player winning the game at best online casinos with a straight flush are around 0.000008% while the odds of winning with a four of a kind are slightly higher at 0.000142%. The odds of the player winning the hand with a full house are a bit better yet at 0.000834%, though this is still fairly slim. Winning with a standard flush has a probability of about 0.001097% with a payout of five to one, and the odds of the player winning with a straight is 0.002198% with a payout of four to one.

Beating the House

Though these probabilities are relatively set in stone and the player has little influence over the cards they are dealt, they can use strategies and safe betting to beat the house and come out ahead. Though remembering these probabilities can certainly help players decide which hands to attempt, sometimes, the way the cards fall is the primary indicator. Even so, Caribbean poker is designed to be fun and never stressful, so avoid doing too much calculating and simply have a good time.

The probabilities associated with Caribbean poker and casino rules are complex and are the result of carefully computed mathematical equations. However, these should never stop players from creating the hands of their dreams--especially when the circumstances are right.